We reached all corners of the Mongolian 9 districts and 21 provinces
are working to protect assets, life and safety of about 600 clients.


Safety of business entities and organizations is becoming critical issue as soon as the country economic is developing rapidly.
Our company has been dealing with the activities in the fields of alarm, security and equipment assembly for over 10 years period.
We became as an organization that enjoyed public confidence and one of the best five companies in the sector during this period.
Furthermore, we will work as seeking for the best and proper solution in order to provide safety, peace and tranquility of you and your business.
It is my pleasure to express that we always will be ready to work with you besides we wish you and your colleagues peaceful and well being



Our company is the professional organization that provides service of alarm and contracted security guard in order to protect safety of citizens, entities and organizations also health, life and property of officers and personnel against any crimes and attacks since 2003.
Owl MNG LLC fulfills duties to intercept and prevent from any crime & riot squad in professional high level as completely providing safety of customers, citizens and entities with the assistance of private nearby protection, contracted personnel and alarm techniques and equipment. Our company has been carrying out following main fields.



Advanced technology, smart solutions and equipment with the simple use
of the device is supplied to the Mongolian market.

Alarm system

Our company is installing following kinds of alarm system for “CAPTAIN I”, “HUNTER-PRO”, “SPIDER” brands.

  • Complete alarm system for preventing against fire.
  • Complete alarm system for preventing, intercepting, and protecting a sudden aggression and stealing.
  • Ultraviolet radiation alarm system for controlling outside/ square and hence/ of object.
  • Complete camera system has motion detector
  • Signal alarm to protect against a sudden attack.
The above mentioned alarms are professional and complete systems, can be used in international banks, financial organizations, special objects and military base, state objects, apartments, constructions and buildings.

Monitoring camera system

  • 22-330x optical zoom
  • With night time flash light
  • For external and internal use/ with water proof , warmer, and cooling fin /
  • 360x288-720x576 closeness of video
  • Video speed can be 1-25fps
  • Can be adapted to record when movement detected
  • If necessary, videos can be copied on CD or flash disk





We reached all corners of the Mongolian 9 districts and 21 provinces
are working to protect assets, life and safety of about 600 clients.

Alarm control service

During the period when object closes until it opens, we take the object under continuous control of Security center for 24 hours and proper measure is being taken by urgent group officer according to law within described hours and minute having processed call data of fire, robbery and danger within very short period with the assistance of special program. Advantage and feature of service

  • We use program of PIMA electronics of Israel, approved by ISO 9002 international standard which is available to completely cover up to 8000 users and customers.
  • It has capability to process data and information, having received within 0.6 second via telephone line of radio wave and communication
  • Has special program which has capability to check the normal and stable activity of every object or its own organization in every minute.
  • The third operator that has commissioned advanced center of technique and technology with high accuracy and control station.

Security service

It is the service that confidentially protects your living and working environment, life, health, freedom, imperturbability of your family, safety of private & business information and any secret against crime and keep in professional high level. You have possibility to choose from following types of guard services

  • Internal and external protection of objects and properties.
  • Partial protection to protect safety and wholeness of gold, cash, available things and goods shipment
  • Private nearby protection
  • Zoned protection during united event of art, culture and sport covering public.
  • Complete protection service that intends to protect family, accommodation, auto transportation and related section of foreign citizen, temporary resident, diplomatic worker, businessman and investor.
  • Protection during travel and tourism period
  • Protection of banking and financial organization
  • Protection of cash money transportation
  • Protection service of mining, mineral resource and deposit.




Ulaanbaatar city
Gandan-15, Undur gegeen
Zanabazar street, Bayangol district

Tel: (976) 305041; (976) 305042
Email: info@owlsecurity.mn